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Financial administration system Raindance

Uppsala University uses the financial administration system Raindance. The Financial Administration and Procurement Division (AEU) is entrusted with ensuring that the system cost-effectively meets the University’s financial report needs for planning, steering and follow-up on both a central and local level.

AEU is responsible for administrating the system concerning application, user support, training, user roles, user documentation, system documentation and the system administration booklet.

Administrators of the system are Edrun Eriksson, Maud Tellström, Sten Folkesson, Kristina Overend and Anders Westin.

The financial management system Raindance consists of two parts, Raindance classic and the Raindance portal. The Raindance portal displays invoices and accounting orders in an electronic flow, and offers the user roles of reviewer, coordinator and approver. Today, Raindance classic is mainly used by financial administrators and AEU.

Raindance classic

Classic contains:

  • Decision support
  • General accounting
  • Reports and follow-ups
  • Customer and supplier accounting
  • Internal invoices
  • Facility register

Raindance portal

The portal contains:

  • Supplier invoice portal
  • Internal invoice portal
  • Accounting portal

For information on how to access and log in to the system, please see the page Raindance login instructions.