Information for suppliers

Organisation registration number: 202100-2932
VAT-no: SE202100293201

30 days payment conditions, etc

Uppsala University applies the payment conditions which are generally applied within the government, which is 30 days net. The University does not accept order- invoicing- expedition- or reminder fees. Should an invoice be paid earlier then 30 days it does not mean that the University accepts shorter payment conditions in general. Interest on late payments is charged according to the Swedish rate of interest law (1975:635). See attached information leaflet.

Invoice address

Uppsala University has a shared invoice address for printed invoices from Swedish suppliers, that is, suppliers with Swedish VAT identification numbers whose invoices are made out in SEK.

Only the invoice and any specifications or addendums are to be sent to the invoice address. Order acknowledgement and any reminders are to be sent to the delivery address.

The invoice address is:

Uppsala University

737 84 Fagersta

Swedish suppliers that submit e-invoices are to make their invoices out to the address of the relevant department/division.

Foreign suppliers (suppliers that lack a Swedish VAT number and/or do not invoice in SEK) are to make out their invoices to the address of the relevant department/division, i.e. invoices are not to be submitted to the invoice address stated above in those cases.

Reference code (invoice reference/order code) and reference name

The invoice shall always state the reference code of the purchaser. Enter the code in the field marked “Your reference” (reference field 1) on the invoice. No other information is to be entered in this field.
Reference codes consist of 3 or 6 characters. They follow the structure of 3 digits or 3 digits directly followed (no space between) by an additional 3 characters (letters/numbers). The names of references shall be stated in another reference field or in the invoice text.
Uppsala University’s 3-part reference codes

Information to be included on an invoice

  • In order for electronic invoices to be processed efficiently at Uppsala University, the following information must be included on the invoice:
  • Valid invoice address
  • Reference code (invoice reference)
  • Reference name
  • The full name of the supplier, address and organisational number/VAT number
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Expiry date and payment conditions
  • Currency code (if not SEK)
  • Invoice sum in total
  • Name and price of the product/service

For Swedish suppliers the following information should also be included:

  • Total VAT sum and VAT rate
  • Plusgiro, bankgiro and/or bank account number
  • Corporate tax card details (F-skattsedel)

For foreign suppliers the following information should also be included:

  • Bank account number/IBAN and swift code (BIC), and clearing code if relevant

Incomplete invoices

If the invoice is incomplete or incorrect, i.e. it does not contain the information above, it may be returned for completion.


For questions, please contact:

For requests about e-invoicing Uppsala University, please contact:

Financial Administration and Procurement Division, email, Sten Folkesson, 018-4711794, or Anders Westin, 018-4711624