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Guides, information, and support for IT and telephony

You will find guides and information here to help you with problems relating to email, telephony services, signing in, Internet connection, etc.

Contact IT Service Desk via or 018-471 44 00 for further assistance. Opening hours etc.

Guides and information about the print system eduPrint.
Add autoresponder,
read email on your mobile, obtain a certificate for secure email, manage your mailbox.
About business mobile, landline, switchboard, manuals and forms.

Gain an overview of your activities, find free time and invite colleagues to meetings. 


Contact details
and support for the
administrative systems.


Connect to the Internet, manage your browser.

Signing in
and accounts

Have you forgotten your password, or are you having problems signing in?

Computers and software

Save your files, print and copy, order software, a computer or a business mobile.
Uppsala University's central IT Service Desk
Talk to the IT Service Desk or contact your local IT support if you need more help.

If you have problems when you want to access various online services, you can try the troubleshooting suggestions below


If you cannot find the help you need here, under Support and service, you should contact Your local IT Support in the first instance. For questions concerning central IT, contact Uppsala University's central IT Service Desk by e-mail or call 018-471 44 00. Regular hours for both staff and students are weekdays 8:00-21:00 and weekends 14:00-17:30).

Lars-Eric Klinthage