IT and telephony

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Permalänksymbol inringad

If you cannot find the help you need here, under Support and service, you should contact your local IT Support in the first instance. For questions concerning central IT, please contact IT Service Desk by email or phone 018-471 44 00. Regular opening hours for both staff and students are weekdays 8 am - 9 pm and weekends 2 pm - 5.30 pm).

You will find guides and information here to help you with problems relating to printing, email, telephony services, signing in, Internet connection, etc.


Ladok 3 Lärande Flicka vid dator

Ladok 3

Further reading and links to more infomation on the study administraive system Ladok.

Studium (signing in)

Further reading on the project. Links to the learning management system Studium will soon appear here.

Digital examination system (e-tentamen)

Further reading on the project. (In Swedish only.) Links to the digital examination system will soon appear here.

Skrivare Snabelagubbe Telefonlur


Guides och information on the printing system eduPrint.


Add autoresponder,
read email on your mobile, obtain a certificate for secure email, manage your mailbox etc.


About landline, mobile telephony, switchboard etc and manuals and forms on telephony.

Kalender Hänglås Internetglob


Get an overview of your activities, find free time and invite colleagues to meetings.

Signing in and accounts 

Did you forget your password or are having problems signing in?

Internet connection 

Connect to the Internet.

If you have problems to access various online services, please try the troubleshooting suggestions below (In Swedish only).