The Division for University IT Services (UIT) provides IT specialists to the entire university. The rates for IT services such as "extended support", "technical system administration" and "system development" have now been revised for 2024. The new rates are divided into three levels:

Rate 1: SEK 575/hour* Extended support (AVVK, computer rooms, shared computers, etc.)
Rate 2: SEK 800/hour*  System administration, operation and development
Rate 3: SEK 975/hour*  Project management, architecture, integrations and business development

* Rates for orders from external (non-university) organizations are SEK 200 higher per price level.

Read more about specialist services in IT and what is included in the various tariffs here (translation pending).

The new hourly rates apply for all orders placed and/or fulfilled from January 1, 2024, as well as to all agreements and contracts that are renegotiated or renewed after this date.

All IT services are specified and charged per hours spent and/or allotted to an agreement/contract. Agreements and contracts for IT services have previously been formulated as a percentage of a full-time position (FTE). This has proved problematic, which is why UIT since 2022 only charges for the time spent on a specific task or for the number of hours per year or month specified in the underlying agreement/contract.

Does your department require specialists for IT services? Or do you have questions about how this change affects an existing agreement? Please contact IT support to get in touch with the right function at UIT.