Frequently Asked Questions regarding Campus cards

Is it mandatory to carry the new card in plain sight?

No, but the Head of Department can decide that the campus card should be plainly visible on University premises within their responsibilities.

How about distance learning?

Students in distance learning courses that spend only a few days on the University premises do not need a campus card.
If you belong to this category you can ignore the campus card requests.

How about the QR code?

The QR code, containing the personal identity number (social security number) is there partly as a service for functions used at some campuses, but is also a property clearly connecting the card to a specific person. You should of course be as carfeul with your campus card (giving access to University premises) as you are with an ID card or passport.

Will more functions be linked to the card?

In time more functions will be linked to the card. Plans include being able to lend books at the library using the card, an easier control funktion at examinations etc.

How about visitors and other temporary guests?

The same routines as of today are valid. Loan cards are handled by the campus administration according to these routines.

Will not the e-mail request be considered spam?

Generally we recommend caution when clicking on e-mail links. For this reason we receive questions regarding the authenticity of the e-mail titled "Begäran om foto och PIN-kod/Photo and PIN request". Hopefully in the future the procedure now activated via e-mail will instead be activated through our portals (Student and Employee).

What is the purpose of the campus card?

University premises are not public, but many are - for practical reasons - open a major part of each day. Risk analyses show that there are a number of risks connected to unauthorized access to University premises. A campus card, showing that the people on premises are authorized to be there, contributes to increased safety. 

Is Uppsala University the only university in Sweden to use campus cards?

No. A majority of all universities already have campus cards.
Uppsala University is a member of the European Campus Card Association (ECCA).

If you have further questions..

Contact the service function / reception desk at your campus.

If you have technical problems, contact the University Service desk, phone# 018-471 44 00