Public events and other arrangements

On University premises a large number of events are arranged each year; visits, conferences, lectures, concerts etc. They can be available to the public or for invited guests only.

It is important that information regarding approaching events will reach the Security Office in advance, to allow the Office to create a collected picture of current events at the entire University. The goal is to ensure that events can be realized safely and securely for delegates, university personnel and students, and without disturbances or damages.

A particular event need not be controversial, unless there is an event with the opposite viewpoint next door. In cases like this it is possible to discuss possible solutions beforehand to ensure that both events can be realized in a safe and secure way.

At events where invited guests have their own personal guard this will only protect them, noone else nor the premises. The risk picture of a high risk person can transfer to the University, thereby creating a threat. In this case some security raising measures might be necessary, such as a guard or patrolman.

The event organiser is responsible for filling in the risk assessment checklist (Word format) and sending it to the Security Office at at least 5 working days before the event. The Security Office will use this to do a risk analysis and assess the need for security raising measures

All costs concerning security raising measures will be billed to the event organizer.