The general fire protection course

A general fire protection training course for employees is arranged several times each spring term. The course contains theory as well ans hands-on practice, is paid for by central funds and implemented in cooperation with the Rescue Service (Räddningstjänsten) at Viktoria.

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The fire protection inspector

Each department shall have at least one designated fire protection inspector, appointed by the Head of Department. The fire protection inspector is responsible for the regular supervision of the fire protection within the department.

It is mandatory for all designated fire-protection inspectors to undergo training in systematic fire-prevention work (SBA, systematiskt brandskyddsarbete). .

Campus fire-prevention meetings

Within each campus area the campus manager shall convene all fire-inspectors and chemical agents to annual fire-prevention meetings.

Training in systematic fire-prevention work (SBA)

Training is done in cooperation with the Rescue Service at Viktoria.