Campus card regulations (replacing today's receipt on paper)

Approval of terms

Rules for campus card - replaces the receipt on paper used today

  • You are not allowed to lend out your card, thereby granting access to unauthorized people
  • You are not allowed to keep your PIN-code next to your card.
  • As a student you need to provide your campus card a validity mark by a special equipment for the purpose
  • You are not allowed to make modifications of any kind on your card

Lost card

If you lose your card, it´s important that you block it as soon as possible. This can be done by yourself by using a special routine for the purpose. You can also beg the service function at your campus for help.

Important when you pass doors where access card is needed

Always make sure that doors close properly after you.
Do not keep doors open for too long; eventually an automatic alarm will go off requiring you to close it immediately.
Any sustained alarm will call on security personnel!

Personal data in the university security systems

Information concerning management of personal data in security systems of Uppsala University, as decreed and regulated by the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR (EU) 2016/679

  • For security reasons, Uppsala University will use certain personal data on employees, consultants and students for verification of identities and any related purposes.
  • Personal data includes name, social security number, course(s) taken, address, etc.
  • Personal data will also be used in the administration of access systems.
  • You have the right to request for the inspection of any electronic information stored specifically on you.


Information from the access system may be used in connection with possible breaches of security rules.

Misuse of your card may result in its deactivation.

If you have questions..

If you have any questions regarding the campus card, please contact the service funktion / reception desk at your campus.

If you have technical difficulties, contact the university Service desk, phone# 018-471 44 00