Uppsala University’s environmental work

The University addresses environmental issues actively at many levels in the organisation, from overarching central measures and guidelines to individual employees’ actions in their day-to-day work. 

Here is more information about the University`s environmental work and support in the day-to-day work in form of procedures and guidelines.

The University’s work for sustainable development in education, research and collaboration is described in the program and action plan for sustainable development.



Reduce the amount of plastics in the workplace

During the year, an inventory has been made of the University’s consumption of plastics. The findings were presented at the latest meeting for environmental representatives.  In Uppsala Municipality, the incineration of plastics has almost as great a climate impact as private car use, which makes it an important issue for all businesses and organisations operating in the Municipality. To reduce the climate impact of plastics, your organisation can take the following measures:

1. Remove – Investigate whether all you have is really necessary, e.g. does everyone need their own waste bin, do you need disposable materials for office snacks and drinks, are disposable gloves always necessary for laboratory work?
2. Replace – If the product is necessary, is there a better alternative to replace it, e.g. can you switch to other materials, or use recycled plastic or plastic not produced from fossil fuels?
3. Reduce – Use less of the plastic products that are necessary.
4. Recycle – Finally, separate waste so as to recycle recyclable materials

The Segerstedt Reuse Project

Here you can read more about the Segerstedt Reuse Project that was carried out in 2017.


Bike maintenance station - bike friendly work place

Did you know that the Municipality has a bike maintenance station in Stadsträdgården? There you can wash, dry and fix your bike and pump up your tyres. The station is open 24 hours a day, year round, and costs nothing to use. So take the opportunity to service your bike.

Picture from a bike outing for all University employees in may 2018. Fotographer: Madeleine Larsson

Autumn semester 2018 - Introductory course on procurement and purchasing with a section on sustainable procurement.

During the autumn of 2018, the procurement and purchasing unit will provide training in procurement and purchase on two occasions. On these occasions, the environmental function participates in addressing eco-friendly purchases. The training is primarily intended for purchasing managers at the department/equivalent, but other interested persons are also welcome. More information about the education and how to register is available on the employee portal (Medarbetarportalen).