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Uppsala University’s environmental work

The University addresses environmental issues actively at many levels in the organisation, from overarching central measures and guidelines to individual employees’ actions in their day-to-day work. 

Here is more information about the University`s environmental work and support in the day-to-day work in form of procedures and guidelines.

The University’s work for sustainable development in education, research and collaboration is described in the program and action plan for sustainable development.



  • Enviromental report 2017

In February, the university's environmental report for 2017 was submitted to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Ministry of Education. The environmental report for 2017 is available here.

• The Segerstedt Reuse Project

Here you can read more about the Segerstedt Reuse Project that was carried out in 2017.

  • The Hunt for Plastics and Climate Effective Procurement

The University is working on projects within Uppsala climate protocol called the "Hunt for the Plastic" and Climate Effective Procurement. The aim of the project is to reduce the impact on the climate from the consumption of plastic generated by the university. At the moment a plastic inventory is being undertaken at the university to see where the is being used.

  • Bike Friendly work place

The University participates in the Bicycle Friendly Workplace project, led by Uppsala Municipality. The project is about making the workplace as bicycle friendly as possible through various measures. In September 2017 the following workplaces were certified with a star; Uppsala Biomedical Centre, Blåsenhus, English Park, Evolutionary Biology Centre, Polacksbacken and Segerstedt.


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  • Autumn semester 2017 - Introductory course on procurement and purchasing with a section on sustainable procurement.

During the autumn of 2017, the procurement and purchasing unit will provide training in procurement and purchase on two occasions. On these occasions, the environmental function participates in addressing eco-friendly purchases. The training is primarily intended for purchasing managers at the department/equivalent, but other interested persons are also welcome. More information about the education and how to register is available on the employee portal (Medarbetarportalen).