Uppsala University has had one confirmed case of someone sabotaging (Zoombombing) a Zoom meeting/Zoom lecture. This year there have been fewer than ten cases combined at all higher education institutions in Sweden that use the Zoom service.

“The problem of Zoombombers is tiny, but terribly annoying and upsetting every time it happens. So we maintain up-to-date information and guides in the Staff Portal about how to make your meeting more secure,” says Pelle Lindé, IT e-coordinator at University IT Services.

Uppsala University has roughly 3,100 Zoom meetings/lectures per working day and has had 300,000 Zoom meetings, at a rough estimate, since March 2020.
More than 60 per cent of all teaching at the University is currently online.

“We’re working hard to achieve more secure meetings. At the same time, many people of course want to have open seminars, public doctoral defences and meetings so that the general public has access. In that situation, you can’t lock the door. On the other hand, in Zoom as well, you can get rid of people who misbehave. We describe how to do so in our guides and in our regular courses and workshops,” says Pelle Lindé.