The funding bodies have been tasked with further developing the model for quality-based allocation of funding for research and third-cycle education that was proposed by them in June 2021.

This model must be presented to the Ministry of Education by 1 June 2022 at the latest.

Based on profile areas

The previous proposal of June 2021 was based on the idea that the higher education institutions would define one or more profile areas themselves. These profile areas would then represent focus areas for strategic investment in high-quality research, whether they are established profile areas or profile areas still under construction. It was further proposed that each higher education institution’s application for a profile area was assessed by an international panel of experts.

More transparent application and assessment process

The idea now is that the new model for allocating funding for research will start from 2024 when it is anticipated that the next Research Policy Bill will be decided.

The terms of reference for the task to further develop the proposed model state that in the new proposal, the funding bodies should concentrate on the design of the application for a profile area and its assessment.

In addition, it should be possible to award at least one profile area to each of the higher education institutions in order to strengthen and develop research across the country in a strategic direction.

The Swedish Government also specified in the terms of reference that it is the Rikdag’s future decisions that will determine how much money will be allocated via the model.

The Government emphasises in the terms of reference that the model should be designed so that it limits the amount of work required of both the higher education institutions and the funding bodies for its implementation. The Government also wrote that the model should be evaluated after about six to seven years.