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Internal and external contacts

SOS Alarm in case of immediate danger for life, health or property: (00) 112 

The University emergency number: 018-471 25 00

Director of Human Resources Eliane Forsse phone#: 070–292 10 56

Chief Security Officer Christina Boman phone#: 070–425 09 76

Official on call (TiB) phone#: 018-471 1800

Akademiska sjukhuset (The Uppsala University Hospital) emergency reception, phone#: 018-611 00 00

In case of chemical spill, call  Relita Recover Nordic Group, phone# 0771 - 103 500 

Samtalsstöd and support in case of chrisis

Occupational Health Service (Företagshälsovården), phone#: 018-418 80 10 (Uppsala), 0498-65 60 00 (Hansahälsan, Visby)

In case of serious work place accident, contact ArbetsmiljöverketReport a work related injury through the web.

In case of environmentally hazardous spill, contact the municipality environmental management.

SOS Alarm information number: (00) 113 13 - The National number for Sweden on information regarding serious accidents and chrises.