Immediate threats to life, health or property

  • Call SOS Alarm (00)112 to contact rescue services, ambulance, police etc. Call the University emergency number 018-471 25 00 as well to notify the crisis management.

  • In the event of a serious incident, or when in immediate need of a security officer, call the University emergency number 018-471 25 00.

  • Show rescue services, ambulance and police the way to the accident site.

Get a quick overview

  • What has happened?
  • How many are affected?
  • Protect the affected from further stress, support them and do not leave them alone.
  • Has anyone been injured?
  • Is anyone still at the accident site?
  • Evacuate the work place if necessary

Serious incidents abroad

Support available:

The university crisis management
Crisis support and coordination in all areas from practical questions to counselling.
Christina Boman, Chief Security Officer
Kristiina SöderlindHuman Resources

Psychosocial crisis support with a psychologist
Psychosocial crissi support, advice, support and counselling.
Contact Human Resources, HR support for more information.

Support and help from other organisations

In case of..

In case of a major work place accident, contact the Swedish Work Environment Authority. You can also report directly through the website Report Work related Injury.

In case of ecologically harmful discharging, contact the municipality environment office.

In case of spilled chemicals, contact the decontamination company Relita.

Incidents or accidents happening when delivering, transporting or collecting hazardous goods must be reported as soon as possible to the university security advisor.

Policies and procedures

The starting point for the University's crisis and emergency management organization is the employer's responsibility for the work under the OSH Act and health and safety regulations. Therefore, the following policies and procedures have been compiled:

This information is not available in English. Now showing the Swedish version.

Stöd med anledning av oroligheter utanför Sveriges gränser

Viktig information om det stöd som är tillgängligt med anledning av de oroligheter i andra länder som varit den senaste tiden (händelser i Turkiet, Frankrike, Thailand med flera)

Stöd via universitetets krisledning

Stöd som erbjuds: krisstöd och samordning vad gäller allt från praktiska frågor till rådgivning. Dygnet runt, alla veckodagar.

Christina Boman, Säkerhetschef
Telefon + 46 70 425 09 76

Psykosocialt krisstöd med psykolog

Stöd som erbjuds: direktkontakt via telefon med erfaren psykolog, psykosocialt krisstöd, råd, stöd och vägledning. Dygnet runt, alla veckodagar.
Psykolog vid Falck Health Care telefon +46 771 24 7 365 

Hjälp och stöd på plats från andra organisationer

Samlad information från myndigheterna finns på

Svenska ambassaden i aktuellt land, se Sweden Abroad.

Svenska kyrkan i utlandet

Om du inte hittar det du söker kan du alltid vända dig till Utrikesdepartementet på telefon +46-8-405 10 00