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Research Agreements

It is important to secure oral agreements in written format since there is a greater chance of the parties being aware of the substance of the agreement, if it is executed in writing. In comparison to written agreements, it is also more difficult to prove the contents of an oral agreement.

Before you enter into an agreement, please look through the Legal Affairs Office's checklist for research contracts.


Guidelines for commissioned research at Uppsala University.

Guidelines for intellectual assets created at Uppsala University.

Template Agreements

There is a template agreement for commissioned activities, i.e. a contract template ready to use on commissioned activities.

The template agreement as well as the general regulations (Annex B of the template agreement) is available in both Swedish and English.

Avtal uppdragsverksamhet (Swedish) 

Standardvillkor bilaga B (Swedish)

Agreement Commissioned Activities (English)

General regulations Annex B (English)

Other types of template agreements, such as collaborative research agreements and confidentiality agreements, have not been drafted by the Legal Affairs Office, but please feel free to contact us and we will help you draw up any such contract.

Who is authorized to sign the agreement?

Contracts must be signed by a person who is authorized under the current delegation of authority at the University. This is, generally, the Head of Department at a department and the Chief Officer at other divisions of the University.

Regarding a small category of agreements (regarding research support from the EU or the NIH) the authorized signatory is the University Director and in exceptional cases (regarding certain sponsorship agreements) it is the Vice-Chancellor. It follows from the delegation of authority regarding the Head of Department/the Chief Officer when he or she is not authorized to sign an agreement.

Agreements regarding contract research and contract education, where the value of the contract exceeds SEK 100 000 or extends to three years or longer, are signed by the Head of Department but must be approved by the University Director. Such agreements shall be reviewed by the Legal Affairs Office prior to approval.

Whoever signs the agreement on behalf of the University is responsible for making sure that the University is able to meet the obligations of the agreement. This includes the ability of the University to grant rights to results if this is an obligation under the agreement. Since results are owned by the researchers themselves and in order to avoid misunderstandings in this regard, the Legal Affairs Office recommends that a written confirmation is obtained from the principal investigator. Also, the recommendation includes imposing on the principal investigator to obtain corresponding confirmations from the other participating researchers. Template “Conditions for participation in the following projects at Uppsala University”.


If you need help wording contracts in different areas please feel free to contact one of the University lawyers Johan Asker tel 471 7419, Louise Bark tel 471 7417, Helene Ekizean tel 471 7457 or Johan Hammarberg tel 471 2074.