Why are you hosting these webinars?

“We want to give information about the opportunities provided by the ENLIGHT network to staff and students. The project is now entering its final year of the three-year pilot project launched in November 2020. A range of different tools, networks and activities have been developed and tested during this period. The network will also submit an application to the European Commission to begin the next phase of developing the European University. We want to offer all members of staff and students the opportunity to take part in this initiative together in the new project period scheduled to start in November 2023.”

What will you discuss in the webinars?

“ENLIGHT offers activities for almost all target groups at the University. Teaching tools for challenge-driven education have been launched for teachers along with prizes and conferences for areas such as teaching and learning and regional collaboration, and courses have been developed for students. There are networks for developing virtual courses, entrepreneurship and multilingualism, among other areas. We want to use this opportunity to inform people about the breadth of the activities and to explain more about new initiatives over the coming project period. ENLIGHT has also published its new website where we compile information as the activities are developed.”

Who are you aiming to reach with this?

“It’s an open webinar for anyone who is curious, but we hope in particular that University staff will take part.”

What do you hope the participants will take away with them?

“Many people have probably heard about ENLIGHT, but awareness of the breadth of the opportunities on offer is relatively limited at the moment. With the launch of the website and these webinars, we really want participants to gain a better picture of the international opportunities offered by ENLIGHT and to be aware of who they can contact for more information or with questions or ideas for new initiatives.”