What does an educational developer do?
“You hold courses in academic teaching and learning – both the academic teacher training course which is offered in Swedish and English several times each semester, and specialised courses in areas such as doctoral student supervision, assessment and educational leadership.

“You also work on customised courses and consultations for departments, and provide teaching and learning support in the experimental classroom and the recording studio in Blåsenhus. You administer educational development funding, organise teaching and learning seminars, and so on.”

What do you think an educational developer gets out of this role personally?
“You learn a great deal about academic teaching and learning, about our University in all its breadth and about teaching practices in different subjects. You develop personally as a university teacher and can bring theoretical knowledge and practical tips back to your own educational context, you become a direct link between the Unit for Academic Teaching and Learning and your department.

“You also gain a broad network of contacts through meetings with course participants from the whole University and through cooperation with other educational developers, both at Uppsala University and at other higher education institutions. On top of that, it’s fun!”

In what way does the role contribute to development at Uppsala University?
“More educational developers means more people have a chance to take our courses and benefit from educational development in various ways. This enhances the quality of the University’s courses and programmes, and also contributes to the professional and career development of university teachers, supervisors and directors of studies. It’s an important role!”

Is it a full-time or part-time role?
“You will spend 25 to 50 per cent of your time as an educational developer. The amount of time you are with us is determined by agreement between you, your department and us.”

Are you looking for one or more people?
“We’re looking for several people who can start in the 2023 autumn semester.”