“I’m relieved; any other outcome would have been remarkable. It has taken a year, but it’s a great feeling to know this issue has been laid to rest,” comments Hagfeldt.

The National Board for Assessment of Research Misconduct is a national government authority established in 2020 to investigate research misconduct.

In a complaint submitted to the Board on 1 September 2022, suspicions were raised that at least two of the images in a scholarly article of which Hagfeldt was one of the authors had been manipulated. The National Board for Assessment of Research Misconduct has now reviewed the case and decided that Hagfeldt is not guilty of any research misconduct.

“The Board’s decision was expected,” notes Anne Ramberg, Chair of the Board of Uppsala University. “I’m happy for the Vice-Chancellor’s sake that the decision has finally been taken, as although I have always been convinced of Anders Hagfeldt’s innocence, I know that on a personal level it has been extremely unpleasant to be the subject of false accusations.”