The meeting in the faculty room at Ångström Laboratory attracted about 20 people. Henrik Hedlund, technical coordinator at the Department of Information Technology, and Tommy Hellberg, technical system administrator at Uppsala University Library, were two of those who came to the meeting to ask questions and take part in the discussion.

“We’re optimistic and positive about the changes, though it’s not clear right now where we will end up,” says Henrik Hedlund. “That may cause some anxiety.”

“We will have to pull together to make sure it turns out well,” says Tommy Hellberg. “Involve all of us who work in IT in the development of the organisation!”

Project Director Therése Iveby Gardell explained that right now, the project is working on identifying which members of staff will work in the new division. The project also has the task of preparing a proposed financing model for the common IT activities. An IT Committee will be set up including the vice-rectors and the Chief Librarian, to ensure that the different branches of the University are able to influence developments.

“Isn’t there a risk that we’ll build a monstrous colossus?” one of the participants wonders.

“Not working together and failing to benefit from all the expertise we have at Uppsala University is a greater risk,” says Therése Iveby Gardell. “This change is an important issue for the University management and represents a real commitment to our IT activities.”

Participants raised many questions, ranging from where staff will be placed physically, to financing and how to introduce the new IT Director. Although many people expressed concern about being at too great a distance from the activities they are supposed to support, participants also voiced hopes of enhanced cooperation and opportunities for changes for the better.

“It could equally well all work out for the best,” as one of the participants put it.

You can find background information and FAQs about a common University IT organisation in Medarbetarportalen.

If you missed the meetings today, you have another chance on Tuesday 19 February (see the Events listings in MP).