The first confirmed case of COVID-19 linked to Uppsala University has now been reported. The individual who has fallen ill is a member of staff at the Faculty of Pharmacy and was infected by the coronavirus while travelling in northern Italy. They are receiving care at home and are reported to have relatively mild symptoms. They have not been at work since falling ill and the communicable disease control authorities in Region Uppsala do not consider contact tracing to be necessary. Communicable disease control personnel from Region Uppsala are establishing direct contact with individuals who are known to have had contact with the person who is ill. Communicable Disease Control Uppsala will let Uppsala University know if the University needs to take action. As things stand, the University has not received any such instructions.

How Uppsala University is dealing with the coronavirus situation

Activities are continuing as usual, though the University is increasing its preparedness and is closely monitoring ongoing developments and the spread of the coronavirus. The University is collaborating with the communicable disease control authorities in both Region Uppsala and Region Gotland.

Members of staff and students who have been in areas that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against visiting and areas classified by the Public Health Agency of Sweden as risk areas are to work or study at home for two weeks after returning home.

Uppsala University advises all students and employees not to travel to the countries and areas that the Public Health Agency of Sweden considers to be risk areas. The University also urges students and employees to take a cautious approach to foreign travel in general. Until further notice, all planned visits from partners and guests from the affected countries are to be postponed and cancelled.

We are continuously updating relevant information on the University’s Staff Portal and Student Portal.