What makes the course and its educational approach special?

“The course is international, multidisciplinary and uses an approach known as challenge-based learning. The students meet health experts and people who would benefit from changing their behaviours. They tackle the health challenges in group projects and on the last day of the course present a proposed solution. Using game design principles can be a way to affect motivation, knowledge and attitudes, which in turn can influence behaviours.”

What does the award mean to you?

“Increased motivation to continue to develop the course. Also, the attention may mean more students apply for the course. In summer 2023 we will be launching a similar course on climate challenges and it’s encouraging to receive confirmation that the set-up is appreciated.”

What reactions did you get from students who took the course in summer 2022?

“The course evaluations were very positive. You rarely see such consistently positive opinions of a course.”

What will be the next step for further developing the course?

“We will fine-tune details and try to attract even more students, especially through our ENLIGHT channels. As I mentioned, we are also creating a related course based on the same concept but focused on climate and environmental challenges rather than health challenges.”