We asked a few questions about the evaluation to Peter Stålberg, acting Director of Research at Uppsala University Hospital, and Eva Tiensuu Janson, Deputy Vice-Rector at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy at Uppsala University. They are both involved in Region Uppsala’s preparatory work with the upcoming evaluation.

Why is the evaluation so significant?

“It gives us a chance to showcase Uppsala as an attractive environment for clinical research. It is vital to maintain and develop excellent clinical research in collaboration between the University Hospital and Uppsala University. Furthermore, a considerable part of the ALF funding is distributed based on how we are doing in the evaluation, and this, of course, affects our future opportunities to fund the research.”

How is the evaluation done?

“The Swedish Research Council has the task of carrying out the evaluation. Three internationally composed panels evaluate and assess the data that we as an ALF region submit. The parts being evaluated are the quality of the scientific production, the clinical significance and societal benefit of the research, and the conditions for research. The evaluation work will be carried out in 2022, and the final report will be published in early 2023.”

How can I, as a researcher/PhD student, contribute to good results?

“During the spring, a number of clinically active researchers and PhD students will be selected by the Swedish Research Council to respond to a questionnaire about the research environment at the hospital and the university. The picture the compilation of these surveys will give the evaluators will form the basis for the evaluation results. A positive picture will contribute to high grades and thus in the long run resources for research in Uppsala.”

How do I get more information about the evaluation?

“More details about the evaluation will be provided at three information sessions during November and December. We will go out with general invitations to these and hope that many have the opportunity to participate. You can also contact us or Krister Halldin, who is the project manager for our internal work, with the evaluation.

Siw Jonsson, Uppsala University Hospital