The Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism is planning for a remembrance day: “100 years in the shadow of the State Institute for Racial Biology”. The remembrance day is scheduled for 17 February 2022.

The organisers are now calling for proposals for presentations, performances and non-binding expressions of interest to attend the remembrance day without a presentation. Send your proposals and expressions of interest by no later than 1 December 2021. In the invitation, the organisers write:

“We invite the groups, associations, individuals who were affected by racism and race biology research to submit their proposals for film screenings, poetry, Duodji (traditional Sami handicraft), presentations or talks, performances, exhibits and posters.

Students as well as researchers working within and outside Uppsala University are invited to attend or contribute.

People who work with issues related to the impacts of racial biology and racism, for example in central government institutions, archives, museums, municipalities and associations, are welcome to participate or contribute.”