We all have some little tricks that make life run a little more smoothly, and these are now often referred to as 'life hacks'. A life hack is a simple tip or trick that provides an unexpected use for a gadget or function and simplifies everyday life.

Life hacks may not revolutionise our lives, but they can help make life and work a little easier and less cumbersome.

Multiple desktops on the computer

For example, I am totally dependent on having different desktops running on my computer. With the desktop feature, you don’t have all your open programs getting in the way all the time. What’s more, you’re not driven crazy by constantly minimising and maximising the programs you want to use. The desktop function brings together the programs you want to work on at the same time and by having several desktops you can coordinate programs in collections that are logical for you. You can then jump between desktops at lightning speed based on what you need to do.

The image shows what it can look like when switching between different desktops on a PC.

Among other things, I have a desktop with notes on my tasks for the day and week, one with my email, one with work chats, one with the browser and one with OneNote. At the same time, I have turned off all notifications from my email. This means that when I have my desktop with OneNote open, I am not distracted by any incoming emails; they are not visible anywhere on my computer at all. I have to switch my desktop to see the email and can then decide when I want to deal with them.

Someone might say that you can achieve the same thing by minimising program windows. To be sure, that is a similar function, but the desktop function is much more efficient. It is faster and easier to switch between programs, and I can switch between programs in the middle of different processes without any issues. Without the desktop function, my working days would be significantly less efficient, it’s that simple. This function is available for both PC and Mac computers.

Making post-it notes stick better

There are better and worse ways to tear off post-it notes from the pad. Phtoto: Getty images.

One tip I stumbled upon in connection with this article was how we should actually be tearing off post-it notes from the pad to make them stick better. I tested this because we currently have a problem in the editorial team where post-it notes end up on the floor come the morning.

If you pull them off from the lower part up towards the adhesive part, the post-it note will roll up and thus be less secure. Instead, try to tear the sheet off the pad by taking the adhesive part and pulling the sheet off.

This will stop the post-it note from rolling up as much and will therefore adhere better to wherever you stick it.

Trick yourself into exercising

In my private life, I trick myself every time I exercise after work. I try to switch my brain off before I get home and go on autopilot or as if I’m asleep. I’ve barely made it to the front door before I’ve changed into my workout clothes. I usually ‘wake up’ once I’ve already started exercising. I would never exercise as often if I first started doing something else when I get home.

Share your life hacks

What are your best life hacks? Write to the editors and tell us. They could be life hacks for work or to make day-to-day life run a little smoother. Anything, big or small.

The editorial team will then compile the life hacks we receive and present them in a future article.