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Profile pages at Uppsala University

All employees and others working at the University are presented on profile pages that can be accessed via a search from www.uu.se or katalog.uu.se, also from the searchfield in the upper right corner.

 You can personally determine much of the information provided about you and choose if it is to be displayed both internally and publicly, or only internally.

Internal pages are displayed only to those who are logged in to the Staff portal, medarbetarportalen. Public pages can be seen by anyone and are also searchable via Google, for example.

Delegate the right to alter profile pages

It is possible for a department/unit to delegate the right to edit employee profile pages to an administrator/editor. Granting of rights will take place following the same routines as, for instance, catalogue administrators in Akka, that is, application will be made on a paper application to be signed by the head of department (or equiv.). The form will then be submitted to Application Support at the Division for IT and Procurement. Get the application form.

Please note, however, that each individual associate must also give his/her consent for the administrator/editor to update their information (to meet the regulation in the Personal Information Act). This consent is not handled centrally but is left to each department/unit to deal with.

The formal responsibility for the content of profile pages lies with the head of department/unit.