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Information pages

Under tabs Employment, Services and Support, Research, Teaching and Our UU you will find information which might be useful for you in your job. Articles within these tabs are written by an editorial staff with representation from different fields. 

You can find the information via the menus or by the search function. You can reach these pages even if you are not logged into MP.

If you have any questions about article content the first and foremost person to contact is the one who is specified within the article, you can also contact the author of the article. You can contact the central editors if you think an article is missing information that you think should be presented.


There are information which is central, which is pertinent for the whole university, but there might also be local additions that is only pertinent to, for example, a faculty or campus area. You will receive information pertinent to you if you are logged into Medarbetarportalen. (If you have several employements you can specify for which you want to see information. You do this by your name at the top right in MP).

You can choose to view the information pages as an employee of another unit/place by choosing a unit/place via the cogwheel that is at the top right of the page.

Contact the central editors if you want help creating local content for your institution.

Link to an information page

If you want to link to an information page you can use what is called a permanent link, which will work even if the page is moved or receives a new web-adress. The link will work even if you are not logged into MP.

To extract a page's permanent link, click on the link button (se image). The adress is then displayed within a field from which you can copy and use when creating a link. Always use a page's permanent link instead of the link displayed in the adress field.

Add &l=en at the end of the permanent link if you wish to link specifically to the english version of a page, example: https://mp.uu.se/c/perm/link?p=1252638&l=en.

For Editors

If you are an editor or a writer you can find help pages here.