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Unit-areas in the Staff Portal

Unit-areas are created by an administrator at the IT-department, after a request has been submitted from the unit (for example an institute or department). Everyone who is a member of that unit will automatically become a member of the unit-area.

Content and functionality


When on the dashboard you will see a feed of what is happening within the group-area. General information can be added with pictures, links as bulletlists.

Here members of the group can create and comment on blog posts. You can choose to subscribe to events here, that is, you will receive an email when someone writes a blog post.


Group-areas provides the opportunity for discussion in the shape of a forum. Every member of the group can create and comment on forum entries. To facilitate and promote communication the forum structure is such that it is straight forward, non-hierarchical solution that resembles blogs rather than a classic digital forum.

You can also subscribe to forum events, by doing this you will receive an email when something happens within the forum.


When working in an academic environment, collaboration often involves the exchange or the possibility to work on the same document as a group. Today the distribution of files is often handled over email, which might not be the optimal way to handle things. Instead an aggregate solution for file management can tackle this problem quite effectively.


You can see what members are a part of the group under the tab members. The groups owner and administrators can add or remove members. They can also control administrator roles from this list.

News / About us

This page is the "face" of the group to the outside world, where the description is visible for members and non-members alike. From here the owner or administrator of a group-area can change the name and description of the group.

There is also a news function available here.

A Calendar function and a Wiki can be added.