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Potential, possible, or probable “predatory” conference organizers

This is a list of questionable conference organizers. We recommend that ICCA members use it as a cross-reference, and then decide for themselves whether or not they want to enter into business arrangements with any of these companies.

All the organizers on this list are denied access into the ICCA Association database and their respective meetings will not count for our annual statistics reports.

Key difference between "predatory" and "fraudulent“: if a conference takes your money and no event is organized, then there is clearly false advertising and grounds for legal action, perhaps even criminal charges. If a conference takes your money and organizes a horrible, worthless, CV-staining joke of an event, on the other hand, there is no regulatory body that you can complain to: scientific quality is considered to be a matter of judgement, and there is no way to easily distinguish between an honest-but-poor-quality conference and an intentionally predatory conference.

Given the rise in the number of “predatory conferences” and the increasingly sophisticated organizations selling them, ICCA believes an overview like this, applied with necessary background knowledge, can be helpful to make informed decisions.

We are using this description in line with some of the expert studies that have been investigating this phenomenon, and reflecting how these events are viewed in the academic/association community. See also this article on Wikipedia about “predatory conferences”.

It's important to note that there do exist good, high-quality "open source" meetings, which draw content from multiple disciplines, with careful vetting. This type of meeting is not included within the "predatory" description.

For a list of questionable, scholarly open-access publishers please see below:

Academic Fora


ASE-Academy of Science and Engineering

AIRCC Publishing Corporation

ASR-Asia Society of Researchers

ADTEL-Association for Development of Teaching, Education and Learning

BIT Lifesciences


CBEES-Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering

DIRF-Digital Information Research Foundation

ENGII-Engineering Information Institute

GAHSSR-Global Association for Humanities and Social Science Research

GPLRA-Global Psychology and Language Research Association

GRDS-Global Research & Development Services

HEF-Higher Education Forum

INSTICC-Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication

IRED-Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors

theirs-Institute of Research Engineers and Scientists

ICSAI-Interdisciplinary Circle of Science, Arts & Innovation

IAFOR-International Academic Forum

IACT-International Academy of Computer Technology

IASTEM-International Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Management

IARIA-International Academy, Research and Industry Association

IADIS-International Association for Development of the Information Society

IAPHLSR-International Association for Promotion of Healthcare and Life-Science Research

IACSIT-International Association of Computer Science & Information Technology

IAENG-International Association of Engineers

IASTED-International Association of Science and Technology for Development

IBAC-International Business Academics Consortium

IBIMA-International Business Information Management Association

ICRD-International Center for Research & Development

IEDRC-International Economics Development and Research Center

INTESDA-International Education for Sustainable Development Alliance

IIER-International Institute of Engineers & Researchers

IJCEA-International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications

IJMMM-International Journal of Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing

SGEM-International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference

ISAET-International Scientific Academy of Engineering & Technology

ISERD-International Society for Engineering Research and Development

ISER-International Society for Engineers and Researchers

MATEC-Materials Science, Engineering and Chemistry

NAUN-North Atlantic Union

OMICS-OMICS International

PSRC-Planetary Scientific Research Center


SERSC-Science & Engineering Research Support Society

SCIEI-Science and Engineering Institute

SCITEVENTS-Science and Technology Events

SCIRP-Scientific Research Publishing Inc


SELECTBIO-Select Biosciences Ltd.

SDIWC-Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communication

SAISE-South Asia Institute of Science and Engineering

UAC-Universal Academic Cluster

VISCEA-Vienna International Science Conferences & Events Association

WASET-World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology


WSEAS-World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society

Last updated May 29, 2018