On 10 January, the government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden therefore presented additional recommendations to reduce the spread of infection (in Swedish).

The Minister for Higher Education further clarified the decision at a press conference on 11 January (in Swedish).

University and other higher education is an area of high priority for the government and, if possible, should be conducted on site taking appropriate infection control measures.

Higher education institutions should use remote teaching as a tool to reduce crowding, but not as a full-time measure. The faculties decide when this can be done without jeopardising the quality of teaching and learning. Practical components and assessments should continue to take place on campus with risk-reducing measures. The government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden also call on higher education institutions to look into the possibility of offering additional dates for taking exams.

Arrangements must be made to minimise the risk of infection at doctoral thesis defences. The chair of the defence is responsible for ensuring that this is done, for example by seeing that the venue is large enough, that people keep their distance, that hand sanitiser is available, etc.

Members of staff who can work from home must do so (operational demands permitting), by agreement with their line manager.

All campus areas will remain open so that students can spread out in the University.

Follow the general recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Take responsibility for protecting yourself and others against infection.

  • Protect yourself by getting vaccinated. Uppsala University calls on all members of staff and students to take their responsibility by getting vaccinated.
  • Stay at home and take a test if you have symptoms.
  • Stay at home if someone else in your household contracts COVID-19.
  • Keep your distance from other people and avoid crowding.
  • Use a face mask on public transport.

The recommendations in full are available at the Public Health Service website.