Why are you planning to hold open webinars on the upcoming HR policy?

“We are keen that the upcoming HR policy and questions about how we behave as employees towards each other are highlighted so that it becomes a policy that reflects the University. It is also important that the process not only results in a written policy but that we find ways of working that highlight the issue of how things are going for us at work. Since the University is a big workplace, we can’t talk to everyone but we hope that as many people as possible can provide feedback and ideas and ask questions at the open webinars.”

Who is the target audience for the webinars?

“They are aimed at all employees at Uppsala University, regardless of title and where you work in the University.”

What do you hope the webinar will achieve?

“We hope that the webinar will lead to increased awareness about the HR policy and staff becoming engaged with questions about how we relate to each other as colleagues and that those of us in the working group get thoughts and ideas from employees. The fact that we are developing an HR policy will not by itself make any difference to how we behave towards and collaborate with each other within the University, but we do believe that the policy and the work to develop it can help to spark good discussions in the workplace. The webinars are an important step in this process.”

Why is an HR policy being developed? A lot of people might think it sounds a bit lightweight and find it hard to see why it should be important.

“This has come as a suggestion from the heads of department in the Head of Department Role Project (see link below). We also know from the research that a good work environment affects job satisfaction and well-being, which in turn affects quality and performance. So we would say that it is anything but lightweight. If an HR policy can help us to think about and talk about how we behave towards each other, and about everyone’s responsibility to contribute to a good work environment, it is time well spent.

“These are difficult issues, but we can’t ignore them Our work environment is not going to get better unless we make it better – together.”

When will the webinars be held?

“The open webinars will be held in March and May (link below to the first seminar), and we hope that as many people as possible will participate. More information about the webinars will come later (link to the first webinar in March below). During the spring we will also meet with the heads of department and managers. We will also meet with HR staff and hold a dialogue with employee organisations during the spring.”