Please note that if you are already a Danske Bank customer, you must also register an account.

You will find all the practical information you need about how to register your account for salary payments here:


Why does the University have to change bank? After all, this will mean a great deal of extra work for all the staff in payroll administration, who process salary payments for around ten thousand people every month.

“It’s because the framework agreement with Nordea has expired and the Swedish National Debt Office has recently entered into a new framework agreement,” explains Edrun Eriksson, head of unit in the University Administration. “Just like many other large public authorities, we have to contact the banks with which the National Debt Office now has agreements and reopen competition. This means inviting those banks to submit specified prices for the individual authority.”

Couldn’t we have chosen to continue using Nordea?

“No, Nordea didn’t submit a tender in this procurement so they were not an option we could choose. The National Debt Office has entered into agreements with Swedbank and Danske Bank instead – and only Swedbank chose to tender in our reopened competition.” 

But in that case, why are salaries going to be processed by Danske Bank?

“Unfortunately, Swedbank turned out to be unable to meet our needs relating to account details for individuals who do not have Swedish BankID, so we had to separate off the business of our salary payments and proceed with Danske Bank instead, which can handle all types of account information.

“However, we have switched to Swedbank for other incoming and outgoing payments in Sweden,” Eriksson adds.

The requirement of being able to manage bank accounts belonging to individuals without Swedish BankID has therefore delayed implementation – but the University has received approval from the National Debt Office to carry on with Nordea for a transitional period. The University intends to switch bank on 1 September and before that all employees must have registered the bank account into which they want their salary to be paid with Danske Bank, so as to be certain of receiving their pay without delay.

If no account has been registered, the salary cannot be paid and a manual process will then begin which will take time and effort. 

“We’re informing members of staff at the University in various ways and would like everyone to help remind colleagues about registering their account, especially since people will soon be starting their summer holidays,” says Eriksson.


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