“It’s exciting to be getting under way,” says Pernilla Björk, Director of Communications. “Our hope is that the newsletter will improve internal communications and that the digital format will feel up-to-date, engaging and relevant. It will appear in parallel Swedish and English versions from the outset so as to be more inclusive – Uppsala University is an international workplace, after all. What’s more, the digital format enables us to integrate video and other media for added reader value.”

The final issue of the staff magazine Universen reached all employees in May 2020.
“Universen was an institution. Of course, the reading experience is completely different reading digitally or on paper. But I think the advantages will outweigh the disadvantages, and at the same time we will be saving trees and postage.”

The first issue of News for Staff will be sent to all members of staff by email on 24 September. For these purposes, members of staff means all registered in the Akka staff directory.

Staff Portal + News for Staff

Articles, films and other materials are published as soon as they are ready and are available via the Staff Portal. The Staff Portal homepage is continuously updated as articles, internal events listings, illustrated news items, etc. are produced.

The newsletter News for Staff aims to pick out the most important news items published and will be sent by email every other week.
“Integrating the Staff Portal and the internal newsletters will improve internal communications. The contents of the Staff Portal will be enriched with more topical editorial material and the newsletter will highlight the most important items.”

Naturally, you choose for yourself which way of receiving internal editorial communications suits you best.

Parallel language versions

The newsletter News for Staff is published in Swedish and English at the same time. Of course this means that most of the news items in the Staff Portal also appear in both languages.


The Staff Portal publishes material that targets differing groups or interests, for example, researchers, staff in a particular disciplinary domain, or thematic content such as COVID-19, to make it easier to find relevant news.

As planned, five different editions of News for Staff are envisaged. Each edition will contain material specially intended for those who receive that edition, though most of the material will be of interest to the whole University and will be included in all editions.
“The possibility of tailoring the contents to the target group is something I believe will add value for the reader. However, we have to strike a balance. It’s also important to highlight news of shared interest to all, the things that unite us. One thing I used to appreciate in the paper magazine was sometimes discovering something I didn’t know about Uppsala University – the opportunity to learn more about our University. I hope there will be room for this in News for Staff as well, and in the Staff Portal. I also hope we will receive many tips and suggestions for articles and stories.”

To begin with, News for Staff will have contents relating to the whole University for all members of staff and contents targeting staff in the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences and the University Administration respectively. According to plan, editions for the two remaining disciplinary domains, Science and Technology and Medicine and Pharmacy, will start up during the autumn.

We need your ideas

Just as in the past, the editors need your ideas and tips to be able to produce good and relevant internal editorial communications. The University is a large and wide-ranging organisation no matter how you look at it: people, research subjects, research projects, courses and programmes, etc. The editors therefore need your eyes and ears, since we can’t personally be aware of everything that’s going on. Please get in touch with mpredaktionen@uadm.uu.se, whether you have big news or small.