The company Ungdomsbarometern, which conducts a survey of young people’s views and attitudes in Sweden every year, has now conducted a similar study surveying lifelong learning. Lifelong learning is a new activity for higher education institutions after an addendum to the Swedish Higher Education Act which came into force on 1 July 2021.

The LL barometer, as the study is known, was completed at the end of August. However, the results and conclusions of the LL barometer may not be shared externally. Consequently, we are unable to include any results in this article, which is open to the whole world to read, even though it is published on the University’s intranet. As a result, we can only tell you that the study exists, say how it was conducted and give examples of the topics it covered.

The study involved just over 4,000 Swedes, answering questions online about their views on education as adults. The respondents were aged between 25 and 55. The results are often broken down by gender, age and level of education.

Examples of topics and questions in the study

Questions about respondents’ interest in studying based on their educational experience, financial situation, age.

  • What types of study are most attractive to you?
  • Why do you want to study?
  • What subject areas are attractive to you in academic education?
  • What obstacles are there to your starting a study programme?
  • Support that would make it most likely that you being a course of study.
  • Attitudes to different types of assessment.
  • Where are the best places to communicate information about courses and study programmes?
  • What information is most important when choosing a study programme?
  • Which are the most attractive to you? Study programmes or freestanding courses?
  • Which higher education institutions would you consider studying at?