This year, seasonal flu vaccinations will be offered from 3 November. Due to the current pandemic, the Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends giving priority to individuals who belong to a risk group. The recommendation is that individuals belonging to any of the risk groups contact a health centre or immunisation office. Note that the list of risk groups is larger than last year's.

Other employees - Updated information 12 November: At the moment vaccination against the seasonal influenza cannot be booked via Previa

Owing to the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important that a clear prioritisation is made of medical groups at risk and health care personnel. This means that vaccine deliveries are set aside according to this prioritisation. Consequently, Previa has been allotted fewer vaccine doses than planned. Thus, currently Previa is unable to perform vaccination of co-workers at Uppsala University, neither for risk groups nor for others. We refer co-workers to health centres or vaccination clinics. This applies to co-workers in both Uppsala and Campus Gotland.

Co-workers belonging to a risk group are offered free vaccinations at health centres or vaccination clinics. Other co-workers who are offered/authorised vaccination by the head of department/equivalent will be reimbursed their out-of-pocket outlay. This is done via registration of the cost in Primula Web (use the form One-day Travel/Expenses, i.e. not Healthcare allowance).