The research fields artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are growing and developing rapidly on a global scale. In order to take advantage of the opportunities available, Uppsala University has established a university-wide five-year project tasked with renewing, strengthening and further developing AI/ML research.

By uniting researchers in a shared space during internal sabbaticals while they remain at their home department part-time, the project – AI4Research – aims to create collaborative spaces, form trust-building networks, and spread ideas about research and teaching in the fields of AI and ML.

The researchers awarded sabbatical funding are expected and encouraged to bring along younger researchers from their research environment to the project. These can be researchers, post-doctoral researchers and doctoral students of various types. The accompanying researchers are expected to be funded through their own external funding or faculty grants, and not the funding awarded by AI4Research. The AI4Research project offers workspaces that enable accompanying researchers to participate in the day-to-day operations.

AI4Research's grant amounts to a maximum of 50% of a full-time position for a maximum of 12 months.


  • Docent status
  • Main applicant or co-applicant of external grants obtained through national or international competition relevant to research in AI/ML
  • Holder of a permanent position or appointed as associate senior lecturer (assistant professor) at Uppsala University at the time of application

The application must include:

The sabbatical application must be approved in writing by the applicant’s head of department/equivalent manager.

Awarding of places

AI4Research is open to the entire university, and the intention is for researchers from all disciplinary domains to work within the environment throughout the duration of the project. The award of sabbatical funding for researchers should be balanced between the respective disciplinary domains since the project is being funded equally by the domains.

The longest sabbatical that may be granted is one calendar year. Shorter sabbatical periods may be granted. Individual researchers may be granted two sabbatical periods in AI4Research, but they may not be consecutive periods. AI4Research's steering group will decide on the award of funding after assessment by the AI4Research review group. The steering and review groups are made up of members from Uppsala University’s three disciplinary domains.

Application deadline: 31 March 2021.

Please send your application to

Please direct any questions to Cecilia Alsmark