The Electoral College consists of 65 members, 36 members are appointed in the fields of science among candidates with scientific competence, and 18 members are appointed by the students. The remaining 11 members ("other employees") are appointed by the selection group now appointed.

The selection group consists of six persons, three from the University administration and one from each of the disciplines. Caroline Sjöberg, University Director, has appointed the following persons to the selection group:

  • Ebba Burman, Communications Officer, University Administration
  • Teodor Hammarström, HR Generalist at the Department of Medical Cell Biology
  • Tom Petersson, Analyst, University Administration
  • Jakob Piehl, Administrative Coordinator, Department of Information Technology
  • Gunilla Ransbo, lecturer at the Department of Modern Languages
  • Ulrika Svalfors, Head of unit, University Administration.