Through its participation in Almedalen Week, the University wants to contribute scientifically-based knowledge to the public debate, raise questions about the conditions for research and higher education, and identify possible partners for collaboration.

Almedalen Week is a good opportunity for the University's researchers and management to raise issues related to science and education in the public debate and hold a dialogue with politicians, stakeholder organisations and other actors outside academia. Due to Campus Gotland's geographical location, the University is literally right in the middle of Almedalen.

The University’s participation involves arranging a number of seminars based on various social issues, through which the academic perspective can interact with other actors’ questions and challenges. The University's representatives also participate in seminars and debates arranged by other actors and take part in various forms of networking in arenas that arise during Almedalen Week.

Official programme for Almedalen Week

Applications for the official Almedalen Week programme opened on 1 February 2023 and are beginning to fill up. Each disciplinary domain arranges its own programme items and has encouraged heads of department, centre directors, researchers and partners to register their interest before the central coordination process. All those who arrange a programme item are encouraged to clarify its purpose and social issue in their description.

“Participants at each disciplinary domain agree on arrangements for participating in Almedalen Week. This may entail cost planning, which is why it’s a good idea to invite experts, politicians and debaters who are already attending. Programme items for Almedalen can offer an indication about who will be there,” notes Petra Lindberg, project manager for Uppsala University’s participation.

Planning events

The University’s events are scheduled as 45–60-minute seminars. Two Campus Gotland premises are being reserved from Tuesday to Saturday for the University’s own programme items during Almedalen Week. Political parties share the space from Wednesday to Saturday, while Tuesday will serve as an introductory day without political speeches.

The division of premises is managed jointly for all of Uppsala University’s activities and prioritised in line with disciplinary domains’ wishes. A number of slots are reserved for the University management’s seminars, with the others divided up between disciplinary domains in line with the decision of the University management. In total, the University has 60 possible slots at its disposal.