“In a decentralised organisation, it should be easy for everyone to apply the visual identity. It is also vital that it is always clear that Uppsala University is the source of communications,” says Director of Communications Pernilla Björk.

The main principle of the visual identity is that it should give a bright and airy impression.

“This does not simply mean placing text and images on a white or light-grey background but also, for example, leaving a good margin to the edges,” says Communications Strategist Gustav Granström at the University Administration’s Communications Division.

Fonts and logo

Leeway regarding the use of different fonts and versions of the logo has been limited. Gill Sans and Berling are the University’s fonts and, where these are insufficient, they may be supplemented with Arial and Times New Roman.

Together, the seal and the text “UPPSALA UNIVERSITET” constitute the University’s logo both nationally and internationally.

Use of the logo in the form of a label is no longer permitted.

“The logo has a red, black or white seal, depending on the background colour and whether the page is in black and white or colour. In most cases, the logo should be placed in either the upper left-hand corner or lower right-hand corner, depending on the document type,” says Gustav Granström.