The new website has an updated design and more modern navigation. The design has been made lighter and airier, while navigation has been unified under an expandable main menu with all the main entry points in one place. If you previously clicked on Student or Staff in the page header, you will now find these links in the new menu.

The University’s course catalogue is a central part of the new website. One of the major improvements is that the degree programmes have been completely redesigned, with all course components contained on the same page. This makes it easier for prospective students to find their way through the University's wide range of courses and programmes.

“We are incredibly proud and excited to launch our new external website today. At the same time, everyone should be aware that it is under constant development. This is a first step and we will continue to gradually improve our website,” says Pernilla Björk, Director of Communications at Uppsala University.

The new website is built using the University’s new web platform, Sitevision. This is an online platform used by many Swedish public authorities and municipalities and thus has broad support in the industry. It is also easy to use for the University’s many web editors.

The next step in producing the cohesive website is for the Staff Portal to be incorporated into the new web platform and renamed the staff gateway, with the launch planned for October. After this, the University’s departments, centres, campuses, faculties, disciplinary domains, gardens, museums and other web pages will be moved over to the new joint website.

Every part of the organisation will also be able to have their own pages on the external website, the staff gateway and the student gateway respectively. Furthermore, local pages will be smartly linked to University-wide pages, reducing the risk of duplication and making it easier for users to find the right information.