Uppsala University has two common newsletters, the external newsletter “Uppsala University newsletter” which primarily contains research communications, and the internal newsletter “News for Staff”.

Uppsala University newsletter is sent out about once a month and contains a selection of the most recent research communications, discoveries, innovations, educational issues, collaborative projects and cultural events. The target group is decision-makers, alumni and collaborative partners. News for Staff has been sent out to members of staff every second week since the printed staff magazine Universen was discontinued two years ago.

The internal newsletter focuses on internal decisions, processes and work environment issues. The internal newsletter does, however, not contain research communications with news articles about research and research results.

“Uppsala University is a research university, many of our colleagues are interested in research and would like to read about our research,” says Pernilla Björk Director of Communications. “This could be clearly seen from an evaluation of the internal newsletter that was undertaken last year. This is why we have decided to also send the external newsletter, which has a focus on research, innovation and collaboration, even internally. It is also a good way of improving the internal communication so that all members of staff know what is being communicated about the University externally and also learn more about what is happening within our broad university. The internal newsletter will continue to be sent out as usual.”

The possibility to unsubscribe

From the 4 April 2023 all staff members will receive a copy of the external newsletter. There is both an English and Swedish version of the external newsletter and to start with both versions will be sent out to members of staff. You can simply unsubscribe from the version that you don’t want.

You can also choose to unsubscribe from both versions if you would rather not receive the external newsletter.