Since its formation in 2019, the Division for University IT Services (UIT) has provided a number of additional IT services such as data storage, server operation, data backup and application management. The prices for these services have not been revised since UIT consolidated its operations. However, as costs have increased over time, an adjustment of the rates for IT services is necessary as we head into 2023.

The new prices apply to all existing additional IT services from January 1, 2023, as well as to all agreements and contracts that are renegotiated or renewed after this date.

UIT would also like to repeat that all specialist services are now handled and calculated based on hourly prices. Agreements and contracts for IT services have previously been formulated as a percentage of a full-time position (FTE). Unfortunately, this was shown to be problematic, which is why UIT is now abandoning that method. Instead, UIT will charge for the time spent on a specific task or for the number of hours per year or month specified in the underlying agreement/contract. Prices for specialist services in IT were previously updated in 2022, read more about the update here.

An Updated Pricing Model

All prices for 2023 are calculated based on the costs of the components, agreements and work efforts required to deliver the service to users at the university in a cost-effective manner. The model consists of depreciation costs for hardware, annual licenses and service agreements, personnel costs for operation and maintenance and support agreements negotiated through third parties. In some cases, co-financing from faculties or the university administration may affect the final price.

Reevaluations of all prices are planned for each new year starting 2023. A notable exception to this model is that premises costs and similar expenses are financed within the framework of daily IT operations and will not normally impact the final prices for additional IT services.

Available IT Services

The range of IT services att Uppsala University is continuously evolving and information about new services is regularly made available via the Staff Portal. Are you in need of an additional IT service or consultation from our specialists? Or are you wondering about an existing agreement? Feel free to contact IT support to get in touch with the most fitting unit.

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