“This is an important theme. Together, we need to work to ensure the University is distinguished by a positive atmosphere and a good work environment for everyone. These issues are always relevant and we need to keep them alive for many reasons,” notes Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor on Equal Opportunities Åsa Cajander.

She specifies three in particular:

“The first is quality. If we have a good work environment in which we all respect one another, it will lead to better quality research and education. Environments in which people feel included and secure help us create the Nobel Laureates and star researchers of tomorrow.

“Health and wellbeing then follow,” adds Cajander. “We know that people exposed to harassment, sexual harassment and victimisation risk experiencing serious mental health effects and long-term issues with both their mental and physical health.

“A third and equally important reason is that when we are happy at work and feel motivated and stimulated, the quality of our work increases. Everyone benefits from a good work environment!”

There is interest in knowing more about this area. Cajander notes how 150 people turned up when the Advisory Board for Equal Opportunities recently invited people to a half-day on this theme.

The seminar will be held in Swedish.

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