Here you get the chance to meet international, national and local researchers as well as representatives from companies and authorities to take part in in-depth discussions about research and societal issues from a scientific perspective.


On May 16 the theme is AI and Data-driven life science. During the day you will take part in current research and discuss open data, AI and ethics, and visualization related to life science. Apart from researchers from Uppsala University you will meet Moran Yassour from Hebrew University and Søren Brunak from University of Copenhagen.
On May 17 the theme is the Universe and Mathematical Physics. The day will start with lectures from Sara Seager, MIT and Sergei Gukov, Caltech and researchers from Uppsala University. In the afternoon, in two parallel sessions, there will be in-depth discussions and presentations on the future potential of theoretical and practical studies of the universe.
On May 18 you will walk in to "The wonderful world of Materials - from Ångström to MAX". Here we will discuss some of the big questions within materials science research. What are the unsolved fundamental questions? How can new materials benefit society and the world? And what do Swedish research and researchers need to succeed? You will also meet Nicola Spaldin from ETH, Zurich and Elvira Fortunato from Nova University Lisbon.
On May 19 the theme is Energy. Here companies, researchers, authorities, and politicians meet to discuss the need for energy research and collaboration from a short- and long-term perspective. You will meet, among others, representatives from Svenska kraftnät, Energiföretagen, Swedish Energy Agency, Northvolt as well as local and international researchers. 
On May 20 the theme is Climate Change. During this day, you will learn about the research conducted at the faculty that highlights why basic scientific research is so important for understanding the physical conditions of climate change and its consequences for biodiversity. You will also hear more about strategies for sustainable development in society, and what climate leadership can look like.  

For whom?: Everyone interested in the programs are welcome to register.


Registration: Registration forms and programs can be found on each day's webpage.

Lunch: We offer all registered participants to lunch.

Language: Lectures and presentations will be given in English. 

Location: Ångström Laboratory, Lägerhyddsvägen 1

Part of the program content will be broadcasted live, more information will come.