The IT Board gave unanimous support to the Studio Blåsenhus project in February 2021. In June of the same year, a Vice Chancellor's decision was made to start Studio Blåsenhus in project format. The whole project originated from the increasing need for support in the recording and live broadcast of lectures during the pandemic. The pandemic changed our behaviours. The project aims to take advantage of these new ways of meeting digitally.

"It was the former Vice Chancellor, Eva Åkesson, who initiated everything", says Suzanne Pathkiller, who heads the project together with Mats Cullhed, both of them educational developers. "Eva Åkesson learned how to set up a simple studio in the Ekonomikum building. She thought it was a good idea, and wanted to equip a studio to provide teachers with coaching and training in recording technology."

Procedures and competence are available

A project group has been working together with Atea on setting up Studio Blåsenhus since autumn 2021. In terms of equipment, the studio was around 97 per cent complete by October 2022. The reasons for building the studio in Blåsenhus were the established competence and procedures in the laboratory classroom.

"Using established procedures for educational and technical support will enhance efficiency", says Suzanne Pathkiller. "We prefer to use existing competence, while aiming to think long-term."

Andreas Forsberg was recruited as technician and technical support and he operates the studio. He says the technology in the studio is user-friendly and describes the set-up in the studio:

"The studio consists of different work stations for video and audio recording. We can record podcasts here. We have high-level desks and a special teaching board with a writing/drawing surface for recording lessons, for example. A normal whiteboard doesn't work particularly well for video. The studio's sofa suite is suitable for recording panel discussions. And we can record, stream and broadcast live. In addition, the studio can be managed by a teacher, by someone hiring it independently, or with assistance from a technician."

Great interest

The studio is primarily intended for use by teachers who can be given technical and educational support on-site before, during and after a recording or live stream session as they choose. However, Suzanne Pathkiller and Andreas Forsberg say that anyone at the university who wants to make a recording can book the studio. All bookings are preceded by a meeting.

"There is already great interest in booking the studio", says Suzanne Pathkiller, "so in future we may have to prioritise."

Andreas Forsberg adds:

"The studio is currently booked by students who want to record podcasts as part of their courses and study programmes, teachers who want to record lectures in history, and master's programmes at Ångström Laboratory, and by teachers on a teacher education programme, to name but a few examples. The studio invites participation in many different and creative projects."

"We also plan to run open courses according to a government decision, as well as internal training courses for colleagues", says Suzanne Pathkiller.