For us in the University management, the spring has been exciting, eventful and busy. We have been pleased at the University’s research successes and our keen and committed students. The Conferment Ceremonies have been dignified, beautiful and well attended. There has been a steady stream of visitors. The intensity perhaps peaked in the two weeks in May when more than 130 ‘critical friends’ visited the University as part of the Quality and Renewal 2017 evaluation. The constructive criticism we receive is useful and will lead to important changes. We have also continued to forge links with new partners, most recently through an agreement with other higher education institutions in our region, east central Sweden.

Looking back over the spring, our impressions are dominated by the commitment, the breadth and the depth of knowledge that are gathered in our University. We would like to thank you for your hard work and your great commitment. All of you have contributed to the University’s success.

Now we will end this semester in Almedalen on Gotland and look forward to an equally rewarding autumn.

Until then: have a good summer!

from Eva Åkesson, Vice-Chancellor, Anders Malmberg, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Katarina Bjelke, University Director.