Gender mainstreaming is one strategy for achieving the objectives of Sweden's gender equality policy. All higher education institutions have been tasked by the Swedish Government with strengthening their work with gender mainstreaming in order to contribute to the fulfilment of the Government’s gender equality objectives.

Prevent problems

Gender mainstreaming focuses on the protected characteristic of sex in the legal context under the Discrimination Act and is part of the University’s routine work to ensure equal opportunities. This work is intended to be an integral part of operations and aims to increase the quality of our core activities by ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all individuals.

Gender mainstreaming involves conducting analyses prior to important decisions being made to identify their potential effects on the situation for different groups of women and men, respectively.

The purpose of this call is to encourage and stimulate work with gender mainstreaming at all levels and in different parts of the University’s activities.

Criteria for being awarded funding

  • That the project has a clear link to one or more priority areas in the “Gender Mainstreaming Plan 2020-2022” (UFV 2020/343).
  • That the application shows how the method is relevant for more parts of the University’s activities than the applicant's own.
  • That the application describes how the method can be integrated into routine activities in the long term.
  • That the recipient of the grant undertakes to prepare a final report which will be made available to the University.

The last date for applications is 9 May 2022.