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Skype for Business

Chat, multi-party calls, video calls and screen sharing. These are some of the options offered by Skype for Business, which is now available to employees and others working at Uppsala University.

The IT Division has pilot-tested Skype for Business for nearly a year. Following some adjustments, other staff at the University are now being given access to the program. Skype for Business is available for use on computers and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). You can search for your contacts by typing their name, or their email address in the case of contacts outside Uppsala University. You can Skype with colleagues at Uppsala University and with contacts at other universities connected to Skype for Business. Please note, however, that this is the Skype for Business program, not ordinary Skype!

Your local IT support will let you know when you can begin to use Skype for Business. Your local IT support will also supply the program and help with any additional equipment needed, such as a headset.

More information is available on Medarbetarportalen: Skype for business and Quick Start Guide

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