"Both students and staff at the University are deeply committed and engaged and have a huge number of good ideas. This is something I want to support. This pot of money will make it possible to put initiatives into practice, try out different measures and find out which are most effective", says Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson.

More information will be announced when the details are settled. The long-term financing of this climate pot will be addressed in future operational plans.

Moreover, during the spring the University will revise its environmental plan, and terms of reference for this project are currently being drawn up. This is happening against the backdrop of an investigation made on the orders of the Vice-Chancellor, which shows that the environmental targets in the existing environmental plan are not sufficient to fulfil current national and international climate goals.

"Uppsala University conducts research and education that makes a strong contribution to sustainable development in Sweden and the world, and this is where we can do the most good. But it goes without saying that we must also work on our own footprint and the environmental plan should stimulate these efforts", says Åkesson.

Anneli Waara