The government has announced that Sweden’s security situation has deteriorated during the summer and the risk for terrorist attacks has increased.

The government and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs have called on Swedish citizens to exercise caution when travelling abroad. Several countries, including the UK, the US and Canada, have called on their citizens to exercise caution when travelling to Sweden. However, this does not mean the authorities are advising against travel to or from Sweden.

In view of the security situation, Uppsala University’s management team and the Safety and Security Division are in close contact with the government, the Swedish Security Service and other authorities. The University has no recommendations beyond those made by the government and refers to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs website.

Increased vigilance

The University is following the government’s recommendations and asks students and staff to exercise increased vigilance, critically evaluate sources of information and avoid spreading false information.

If you are worried or have any questions, get in touch with your head of department or manager. You can also contact the Security and Safety Division.