In January 2023, Karolina Schützer debuted with the novel Under stjärnorna i Paris (Under the Stars in Paris). This is the first part in an imagined fiction series about TV reporter Sophia who, after both a divorce and the news that her dream job has gone to a colleague, ends up in Paris. Sophia has inherited a dilapidated bar and travels down to sell it. Schützer works as a Communications Officer at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University.

Back in 2013 came the book Bringing our languages home – language revitalization for families by Leanne Hinton. Ten years on, this March saw the publication of a Sami/Swedish version of this book about language revitalisation for families. The book has been expanded to include a section on Sami languages. Olle Kejonen, doctoral student in Finno-Ugric languages at Uppsala University, has written the chapter on the situation for Sami languages in Sweden.

In March 2023, Niclas Sennerteg's and Tobias Berglund's book Baltikums befrielse (The Liberation of the Baltics) was published. The book is about the Baltic War of Liberation that started after Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania became independent in 1918. Berglund is a researcher in modern political history at our University.

The author Carina Burman is affiliated with Uppsala University's Department of Literature. Her book Drottningar och pretendenter: om guldålderns deckarförfattarinnor (Queens and Pretenders: on the female detective writers of the Golden Age) came out in April 2023. Burman discusses British and Swedish crime fiction writers in this book in a personal, funny and knowledgeable manner.

Did you know that Harry Martinson realised early on that human arrogance threatened the environment? Late April 2023 saw the publication of the first substantial biography – totalling nearly 800 pages – on one of the greats of Swedish literature, Harry Martinson. Johan Svedjedal, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Literature, is the author behind Min egen elds kurir: Harry Martinsons författarliv (The courier of my own fire: Harry Martinson’s life as an author). 

Johan Tralau is Professor of Political Science at Uppsala University, but on 15 May 2023 he also debuted as a novelist. Höken sjunger om död (The hawk sings of death) is a detective story set in a university environment.

The newest addition to the pile, but a veteran among the authors, is Jan Mårtenson at the ripe age of 90. In late May 2023 came part 51 of his detective series about antiques dealer Homan Tsaren (the Tsar) Not only was the author born in Uppsala and related to Erik Gustaf Geijer himself, he is also an alumnus. He studied law at Uppsala University and served as Vice President of the Uppsala Student Union.

Happy reading and have a great summer!