Creating your profile page is easy and doesn’t take long. You can create your page when you are logged in to the Staff Portal (MP), under your name in the top right corner. Your contact details are automatically retrieved from AKKA, Uppsala University’s directory and permissions system. But you also have the option of adding to your profile page. You can include a brief presentation of yourself and your work, tell us where to find you on social media, list links to your publications, etc. You can choose whether you want a fully public profile page or whether it should be visible only internally.

It’s useful to post a picture of yourself on your profile page. Who hasn’t googled or searched the Internet to find out what the person they are going to meet looks like? Photos are particularly helpful for new employees, too.

Keywords help

If you add keywords to your profile page, you will come higher up in search results. Keywords can be areas you research in or work with, such as evolution, communication, Erasmus, HR, IT, e-health, equal opportunities, pharmacology, or lifelong learning to give some examples.

Åsa CajanderÅsa Cajander, who is a professor at the Department of Information Technology, is one person who has had a profile page since the Staff Portal was launched about ten years ago. Her profile page is fully public, so anyone can read it. Åsa Cajander has occasionally been contacted by people who found her page on the Staff Portal She didn’t think it was too hard to work out what she was going to post there.

“No, I think that a brief description of my work and links to see publications are important,” says Åsa Cajander. “I conduct research in a broad area. The keywords can help the reader get an idea of what I do.”

At Åsa Cajander’s Department, everyone publishes their own profile pages.

“We get reminders from time to time about updating the content,” she says. “But I also update the page when something changes in my roles. When I add new publications in DiVA, the University’s digital scientific archive, I double-check that they also appear in the Staff Portal page.”

If you find it difficult or lack the time, you can ask a colleague, preferably a communicator at your department/division/faculty, for help in setting up your profile page. You can request permission to edit other pages by filling in a form